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Why do we wish to have a body like that girl that just walked past?

As she walks past you, you see how many more heads male and female she can turn, as she is innocently walking past to get to where ever she is going.

Yes she is innocent, she is just walking to get from A to B and yet she is turning heads. She is fully clothed and not disturbing anyone from the peace yet she is causing a commotion as she is turning heads, not just males but females also admiring and envying how her body looks.

As she is walking she is admired for her great posture, awesomely toned arms no batwings, trim and toned sculpted legs, tight and trim butt, carved curvy waist and amazingly shaped abdominals.

Why do we compare ourselves to other beautiful women? Why do we hurt our self esteem?  We are all beautiful in a unique way that each of us is, and we always wish that we had a beautiful body. Guess what ladies I hate to tell you this but we are all beautiful ! We are all different in genes that give us our height, weight, skin tone, hair type and body type. If you are a slim build then you won’t have a curvaceous curvy waist as those genes are not there in your genetic makeup, so you won’t be able to look like the girl with the curvaceous curvy waist because you are a slim build and that’s your body type. You should embrace what you do have rather than focusing on what you don’t have and wishing forever to look like someone you are not.

We are all guilty of wishing I could look like so and so, I wish I could wear clothes like that , I wish I could turn heads like that wearing the plainest of clothes, I wish I could look as good like that any time of day even in out dated outfits.

Well guess what ladies, you can turn heads, you can look great in anything you wear, you can have great posture, awesomely toned arms no batwings, trim and toned sculpted legs, tight and trim butt, carved curvy waist and amazingly shaped abdominals.

You can turn heads and make other women envy you as you walk down from A to B. You can do it as much as that girl you admire, But you have to work for it!

I applaud to all those women who do look after themselves as they deserve every bit of the admiration as they work hard to get admired and envied as they walk from A to B. Good on those women that look amazing they have earned to be admired as they sweat through early hours of the morning or sweat in the evening after a long day at the office. They work hard and it pays off in the end indeed it does!

So the next time you admire a woman for how she looks take a look at yourself and see what made you take notice of this woman? What does she have that you don’t, because she has everything that you have! The thing that you don’t have might be that you don’t really want the body that you are admiring from someone else, because if you really want something you will get it no matter how hard it is!

Instead of wishing to look that amazing ask yourself:

How determined are you?

How dedicated will you be?

How long will you commit to get there?

How far are you willing to go?

Why not see yourself with the body you deserve, rather than the body you admire to have!

You are beautiful!

Let me help you get the body you earned!