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The importance of physical activity

Physical activity is important throughout our lives.  As we grow we go through phases when we feel very active and at  other times when we are feeling very lethargic. It is very common for this to occur as our bodies also goes through changes and at times yes we do need to rest our bodies from being active by having one day a week just to relax and unwind by doing other activities.

Physical activity helps to:

  • Maintain normal weight for age increasing the proportion of lean body tissue to fat
  • Develop healthy internal organs by decreasing the amount of fat that surrounds them
  • Stimulate growth and repairs of tissues, including bone by increasing circulation throughout the body.

Bone health

Bone growth and bone density which is how solid or dense your bones are, are also stimulated by exercise.  The higher bone density we have the lower our risk is of having thin, chalky bones known as Osteoporosis.

By including weigh bearing exercises, having good nutrition, adequate vitamin D and calcium, not smoking, low alcohol consumption, and a good supply of the hormone estrogen you will have a greater and higher bone density which is what you would want to achieve.

Here are some ways to help you achieve physical activity levels:

  • increase incidental exercise climb stairs instead of taking the lift, walk or cycle to work, walk the dog each day, go to the beach rather than going to the movies.
  • set exercise goals and track record in a diary or invest in a fitness tracker.
  • invest in a fitness tracker and aim for 10,000 steps daily.
  • ask for support from family members or a friend to help you achieve your exercise goals
  • find a group of people that you would enjoy to exercise with together
  • be consistent with an exercise routine
  • choose activities you like and will continue with
  • find someone that will motivate you to exercise
  • find a place in the  that you would like to choose to have as a walk to destination and walk till you arrive

Always make your exercise, fitness routine enjoyable and realistic for you to keep up with your fitness goals.

Always continue to be as active as you can be on a daily basis as it all adds up by the end of the day, week, month and off course the end of the  year.

Enjoy your physical activity!