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Sunday Already!

Sunday Already!

What does a SUNDAY mean to YOU?

Sunday mornings are important because our body, mind, and soul need to recharge, let go, slow down and enjoy ourselves.

To us, Sunday mornings should be like a little party, you decide who or what is invited.  

Sleep in or wake up and watch the sunrise.

Read a book wrapped in a blanket, whilst the sun comes up.

Make breakfast in bed or cozy up in the softest dressing gown you can find and make yourself some breakfast. Enjoy a slow meal, no rush.  Start the day right by working out, going for a nature walk, or practicing some gentle yoga. Write in your journal, meditate, be silent, pray, think. Put on your favorite morning playlist, dance, daydream, sing along. Grab those recipe books, make a list, go to the nearest farmers market, and stock up on those fruits and vegetables. Before you know it, Its noon already? Just in time to get today’s to-do list finished. Start with chilling on the couch, then it’s time to slow down, and finally, there’s just enough time to do nothing.

Happy Sunday!

To be able to enjoy my Sunday I need a good fast quick satisfying breakfast.Try this Spanish omelet to uplift your Sunday vibes.


• 1 Egg
• 1/2 cup of egg whites
• 1 handful bunched of baby spinach leaves.


• Heat a small pan
• Lightly spray the pan with olive oil spray
• whisk the egg and egg whites with a fork in a mixing bowl
• Place the baby spinach leaves into the pan until lightly soften but not wilted.
• Add the whisked eggs mix into the pan
• Let the omelet cook, add a sprinkle of salt, a dash of cracked pepper.
• Serve with or without toast.