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Maintenance Program

This is for anyone who is wanting to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

You will learn how to:

  1. Keep consistent with daily workouts
  2. Be confident to continue to make better healthier food choices for yourself and your family members.
  3. Know that exercise is fun not a chore
  4. Understanding your body while exercising
  5. Know how to challenge yourself
  6. Love yourself more


Are you ready for a lifelong WEALTH of HEALTH?

Other added benefits:

  1. Weight loss for life
  2. Love the body you are in
  3. Better body shape
  4. Higher sense of self love
  5. Muscle building
  6. Better sleep
  7. Increase in energy
  8. Happier
  9. Radiant
  10. Connected self to your body, mind, and soul


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  • "Randa just want to say thank you so much for being an amazing trainer. Each week I never know what to expect but you never dissapoint and I love it!.As ...Read More"
    - Teresa
  •  I noticed I was getting fitter and stronger and doing things I really NEVER imagined I could achieve!

    "I heard about Randa's bootcamp from a friend who also has children. When she mentioned it was a mums and bubs class i was instantly interested as i knew this ...Read More"
    - Dina Sadek
  • "When I needed some motivation to get back into shape, Randa was highly recommended to me by many people and she certainly did not disappoint. We endured a lot together. ...Read More"
    - Faye Bahsan, Peakhurst Heights
  • "All my life I thought it would be impossible to lose weight. Once I met Randa she inspired, encouraged and supported me in achieving my goal. I used to think ...Read More"
    - Sherine’s First amazing six weeks challenge!
  •  With Randa’s enthusiasm and words of encouragement it makes you want to work harder.

    "PT Trainer -Randa Ghazi has been a big encouragement & very supportive. She has good ethics & knowledge for healthy living & exercise. I know my limits & always ensure to ...Read More"
    - Bianca Wyatt
  •  2 weeks later you can actually fit into your favourite pair of jeans!

    "My experience with Randa has been fantastic. She ensured we worked out every muscle in our body, and while our bodies did ache quite bad, we found ourselves being able ...Read More"
    - Yomna Touni