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MS Syd to Gong 90km cycle

On Sunday 6th November I participated in the MS Syd to Gong 90km cycle with 10,000 other participants including the Sydney Cycling Sisters.

It was my first ever ride to the gong, and not knowing what I was in for. I am a very adventurous person and love trying new things and am a lover of the outdoors, which by doing this ride definitely ticks all the boxes. I studied the map route and as I saw some of the down and up hills, the down hills was more than a worry than the up hills.

I do admit that I  have a fear of going down steep hills on a bike due to my childhood as I was a witness to 3 of my brothers standing up on their skateboards going down a sharp curved road that we used to ride as teenagers growing up and stacking it multiple times. In results to getting stiches each time they would attempt to go down, as they were doing crazy skateboard tricks and stunts. Watching them stacking it over and over at a high speed was not a good memory of a down hill. So ever since then I had a fear of going down hill. I would be able to go down hill but in a very uncomfortable and uneasy state of mind. But mind you any thrill ride I love and will repeat over and over and I have skydived 10,000 feet. But riding down a hill is a whole different story.

As I entered the National park, that’s when my fears started to emerge, I had to self talk myself to just glide along the way as I was speeding down, passing some of the riders and also braking at times where my heart had jumped out of my chest. The wind gushing against my face and through my hair leaving a cold patch on the tip of my nose and cheeks. This went on and on continuously throughout the ride, when there was an uphill approaching I was more in my comfort zone than anything knowing that everyone was dreading the uphill climbs and I was loving them.. I praised the up hills and was glad to work up an uphill climb rather than have my heart fall out of my chest going down continuously.

The views that I had seen with the eyes that I have been given was amazing, nothing can really be greater than the beauty that has been created on this earth. We are so spoiled that we have such a beautiful country and that we really do take things for granted.

I found this experience very worth while as it showed me that mind over matter is really powerful, at times I would self talk to myself and assure myself that if I just let the bike glide I would be ok.  I did just that as I found myself enjoying the ride and allowing myself to enjoy the sights around me and the sounds of nature as I was cycling.

Cycling from Sydney to Wollongong  for MS  was a great cause.  For those who don’t know what MS is it is a long lasting disease that can affect your brain, spinal cord, and the optic nerves in your eyes. It can cause problems with vision, balance, muscle control and other basic functions. The effects are often different for everyone who has the disease.  I am blessed that I am healthy and lead an active healthy lifestyle. I wish everyone who has MS that one day you can beat it and enjoy life to its fullest.

I highly recommend if you have not done this ride that you do it next year and experience a similar experience that I have on the same route.

I know that I will be repeating this again next year!15094865_10157966402310727_846451343142027747_n1