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Re-Energize Fitness

Fun, exciting, family-friendly outdoor environment to engage you and make you achieve your health and fitness goals. Motivating you to your best ability to allow you to achieve your fitness, weight loss, strength, stamina, endurance, and overall health and active lifestyle.

The more you put into it the more you will get out of it!


“I understand the feeling of seeing my face yet a different body that is not me, and I am going to get back to a better me. I understand how the journey to lose weight can be and it is not easy, but if you really want something so badly, no matter what stands in the way you will get the results and you will succeed in achieving your goals.”

Randa Ghazi has an endless passion for fitness, health and is a passionate fitness leader.

Committed to a healthy lifestyle herself, she only wants everyone else to be educated and know the importance of exercise and a well balanced, nourishing diet and a healthy wellbeing lifestyle.

Born in Australia with an exotic Egyptian background lives with her two sons Ramzy and Tarek.

Randa’s first career was as a laboratory technician. Later discovered that her real passion was in the health and fitness industry.

Being a mum herself and experiencing pregnancy twice Randa had gained 30kgs throughout the two pregnancies.

Randa is passionate and motivated to guide all her clients in the right direction to have that healthy lifestyle. She will guide you in the right direction to get the right results, life-changing experience that you will not want to go back to.

She will always give you that edge for wanting more, push you to your limits to get your results, motivate you to get out the best possible outcome and reach your goal.


Randa’s first career was as a laboratory technician. Later discovered that her real passion was in the health and fitness industry. She then did her Bachelors of teaching PDHPE, attending ACPE during the day as a full time student  and working the night shift at the lab for three years straight. This already shows her passion.

After graduation worked as a PDHPE teacher at a local high school full time, then also wanting to take her passion further and did her Master Trainer  cert III and IV in fitness while she was pregnant with her first child. Again went to work during the day and studied at night. Passion always gave her the strength to keep on going.

  • Albie Thomas Rockdale fun run 25th May 2014
  • Cairo Half Marathon 10th May 2013 Cairo Egypt
  • Austswim teacher accreditation 18th March 2010
  • Punchfit Trainer certificate 15th Jan 2010
  • Community Coaching AASC 4th Feb 2008
  • Cert III and IV in health and fitness 26th Nov 2008
  • Bachelor of PDHPE 25th July 2008
  • Floorball coaching cert 16th October 2006
  • Coaching Principles certificate accreditation Feb 2004
  • Bronze Medallion Swimming 26th Feb 2004
  • Lacrosse Coach Accreditation 23rd March 2004
  • St. George bicycle user group riding certificate April-July-Sept-Nov 2004
  • City to surf participant from 1998-2002
  • Sparke Helmore Corporate Triathlon 28th Feb 1999