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The Set Back Will Give You a Better Come Back

As a woman, we all go through changes. Not just physical but mental and emotional as well. These three changes together play on the impact on our health and fitness goals along the way somewhere.If we do not get enough sleep it impacts our stress levels and collides with our weight loss goals. If we ...Read More

Sunday Already!

What does a SUNDAY mean to YOU? Sunday mornings are important because our body, mind, and soul need to recharge, let go, slow down and enjoy ourselves. To us, Sunday mornings should be like a little party, you decide who or what is invited.   Sleep in or wake up and watch the sunrise. Read a ...Read More

Sunday to the Beach Run in the Sun

   What else is there better to do than to go out on a Sunday to the beach run in the sun, toes through the sand and the waves crashing at your feet. Exercise dose, heart racing, fresh air, the beach in the winter never got better than this. Fitness is my happiness the beach ...Read More