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How many calories should I be eating? This is the basic guide to understand and follow. Whether you want to bulk up, maintain or cut down, it all comes to calories in vs calories out. Based on our age, weight and activity level, we all have a calorie maintenance level. That is, the amount of ...Read More


Starting on Monday 12th Jan 2015 will be the launch of my new Bootcamps Australia Monterey 30 session Abs challenge. The challenge is designed to test your skill and endurance, starts off slow but depending on your current fitness level these are modifications you can do along the way. The overall goal is to help ...Read More

Challenge your abs to a 30 day challenge.

Launching on the 12th Jan 30 day abs challenge! Challenge your self against your abs, 30 days to get them how you want them to be.. Challenging exercise combos! Register now and get what you want from what you put into your results....Read More

New year New You!  Easy ways to get moving.

Well the New Year has arrived and you are sitting down thinking about how you are going to make this year the best by getting fit. You can do this by making your health your number one priority to start each and every day. No more excuses, no more putting yourself on the back burner ...Read More