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On Sunday 16th October it was a fresh crisp morning at 6am, where I was up excited and nervous to ride in the 105km Spring Cycle which started from North Sydney and finished in Homebush. I was amazed by the numbers that were participating, it was a big crowd. It was a very slow start as there were so many bikes, and everyone was excited. As I was riding on the harbour bridge it was an amazing feeling, you wouldnt think that riding on the bridge would be an experience but it is. The view is amazing and yes the feeling is amazing too. Well for me it was! The whole experience of the ride was amazing as I rode to places that I never saw before, I met people that I prob wont see again but we connected as we were in a cyclists world.

Cycling is another world, where you can tune out and enjoy the scenery, fresh air, see whats around you notice surroundings that you might not take notice of, if you were driving, and meeting new people at the traffic lights or that you pass by, as you ride by their side.

The spring cycle was a real cycling expereince especially riding 105km. I cycled straight through to the 50km mark. I had a break then where I got off my bike and stretched my legs, had an energy snack and then headed off. There was a moment as I was cycling up one of the hills I thought that my quads was going to explode. It was very intense!
At one stage of the ride I could see no one in sight and there was no one behind me then all of a sudden I was passing cyclists and I was also being overtaken and it just repeated it self over and over till when I saw the last 10km mark, thats when I made sure that no one would pass me, I floored it to home. I finished the cycle just before 12pm. I really enjoyed the cycle and I caught up with the Sydney Cycling Sisters at the finish line.